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We love being able to present to you healthy, clean supplement options to help with recovery and nutrition.  Every company we represent has been personally vetted by our team.  We would never present anything to our members that we wouldn't or don't take ourselves.  These companies are tested and certified.


Available for purchase in the facility!

We carry the PURE whey and Plant based protein powders.  PURE is perfect for anyone looking to increase their protein intake. Take anytime of day either mixed with water, milk, or add to your favorite protein powder recipe.

There are plenty of options on the market today for adding a little extra protein to the mix. With PURE Protein, you get the best in the nutrients you need without all the stuff you don’t want in your diet. Made with the highest standards in ingredients, PURE Whey Protein is derived from grass fed, free range cows, which are not treated with bovine growth hormones. Our whey is a natural source of amino acids needed on a daily basis by the body.


Our PURE Whey Protein has low lactose content (approximately 2g of lactose per serving) and is low in cholesterol. This formula is an excellent protein choice for all ages including children and provides a number of benefits in areas including sports nutrition and general wellness. Whether looking to provide your family with the nutritional elements they are currently lacking in their diet, or you are looking for a post or pre-workout fuel for yourself, this is a great solution to add some extra protein to any diet or routine.

Chocolate, Vanilla, Churro, Coffee, Naked, and Mint Chip flavors available.

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Created by Diana Keuilian who is a registered dietician and the wife of FBBC's CEO Bedros Keuilian.  TruLean was designed especially for the FBBC member.  Clean, well designed supplements that help you maximize your results.   We recommend adding the Everyday Fit and Wellness Shot tp your daily routine to help increase water intake and keep your immune system functioning properly.

EVERYDAY FIT is a vitamin enhanced super powder that dissolves easily in water. 


It has just 5 calories, ZERO sugar, nothing artificial and tastes amazing in 8 unique flavors! 


It is packed with 5 unique nutritional blends that help you hydrate faster, repair lean muscle, burn fat, feel happier and detoxify your body. 


The first of the five blends is the Hydration and Energy Blend which is balanced with electrolytes to speed hydration and a suite of B-vitamins to promote more energy and healthier cells. 


The second is the BCAA Blend which feeds lean muscle and helps fight soreness.


The Metabolism Support Blends is the third supplement blend in EVERYDAY FIT and helps promote a healthy metabolism and faster fat burning! 


The fourth is the Mood and Satiety Blend which promotes a feeling of wellbeing and encourages the habit of hydration! 


And the last and fifth blend in EVERYDAY FIT is the Antioxidant Blend which delivers powerful antioxidants that fight inflammation and improve cell health. 


Every sip of EVERYDAY FIT is like a five part supplement superpower that makes hydration, health, happiness and fat burning even easier… and delicious!

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Available to purchase in the facility


Athletic Recovery - BCAAS + GLUCOSAMINE +COQ10 + OMEGA 3S. SUGAR-FREE RECOVERY FOR YOUR ACTIVE LIFESTYLE: The FITAID ZERO Recovery Blend has essential vitamins & nutrients to support your body's needs after any physical activity or exercise. Sweetened with monk fruit & Stevia, FITAID ZERO is only 5 calories with zero sugar. Strawberry Lemonade flavor also available with only 40 calories and sweetened with agave nectar.

Clean Energy - NOOTROPICS + B-COMPLEX +YERBA MATE. The Energy Blend in FOCUSAID provides natural caffeine & clean nourishment for your brain. Best enjoyed ice-cold at work, school or whenever you need to get in the zone. Contains Nootropics, Green Tea & Yerba Mate.

Daily Balance 20MG HEMP EXTRACT + ADAPTOGENS +LEMON BALM. The LIFEAID Broad Spectrum Hemp Blend contains balancing adaptogens and hemp extract for harmony in everyday life.

Athletic Recovery RX - BONDED CREATINE + BCAAS +GLUCOSAMINE + COQ10.  SUGAR-FREE RECOVERY + CREATINE: The FITAID RX ZERO Recovery Blend is Keto-friendly, with the same clean ingredients and essential nutrients you love in FITAID ZERO. Plus, we added 1,000mg of Creatine to help you build muscle while your body recovers after intense physical activity/exercise with zero sugar. Sweetened with monk fruit & Stevia.

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